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If you long for a life of freedom with more time to do the things that matter most to you, we can help.


Be your own Boss

If you’ve ever had the desire to run your own business and building something you can be truly passionate about, we can help you achieve it. You just have to make the decision and commit yourself.


Financial Freedom

Do you have dreams of financial freedom? By building your own online business, you can set the bar as high as you wish. Your income earning potential is as high as you want to make it.


Time Freedom

Imagine you had complete control of your time, allowing you to do what’s most important to you. More time to spend with loved ones, focusing on health or even travelling? You can make it happen!


Personal Development

Building an online business and working toward a life of freedom is a journey of personal transformation. Working on yourself and becoming the best version of you is a key part of the process.

Best Life Business

What is Best Life Business?

As the name may suggest, Best Life Business is all about helping you achieve the goal of living your best life. Our aim is to enable those with true entrepreneurial spirit to achieve success on both a personal and professional level. If you’ve ever aspired to become your own boss and work on your own terms, we can help you. The digital education program and community we are part of can guide you on a path to building a sustainable online business, doing something you love about while earning an income and helping you  achieve a life of happiness and freedom.

Join our global community of successful digital entrepreneurs and start living the life you deserve right now.

*DISCLAIMER: Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results. Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Notice at the bottom of this page.

About Me

My name is John O’Brien, founder of BLB. I am a digital entrepreneur, marketer, digital trainer and former sales guy with a love for all things online. For almost a decade now, I’ve worked with businesses across multiple industries, helping them to generate success through digital marketing. I’ve seen the power of the internet and the opportunity it offers those in pursuit of a better quality of life to build a business and create streams of passive income, which enables them to take control of their time and finances.

Learn more about me and my journey to becoming a digital entrepreneur.

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