How to Sell on Social Media…Without Selling!

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Are you stuck on the best approach to sell your product using social media?

If you’re running an online business and your primary tasks each day are to:

 Make connections and develop solid relationships

 Nurture those connections into leads

 Convert leads in to sales

Then the most effective way is to sell your product without selling it.

WTF? Has he lost its? How can you sell anything by not selling it? What I mean is spend time crafting good content that:


 Identifies customer challenges and pain points (e.g. struggling to lose weight, struggling to make enough money, struggling in personal relationships, etc.)

 Highlights some of your own personal experiences, how you had the same problem, and what you’ve done to overcome it (this makes you relatable)

 Bridges the gap between where the customer is now (problem) and where they want to get to (problem solved)


Follow the steps above and I guarantee, your content will speak volumes to your target audience about YOU.

Yes, YOU! Not your product 

Fundamentally, even though we may not even realize it ourselves, we generally care very little about the product.

When we seek a product to help us with something, quite often the product itself is not the reason we end up buying it – we buy because we recognize a brand we know, like and trust. 

In the world of social selling, typically YOU are your brand.


And when you can:

  • Build a strong enough relationship with your target audience
  • Demonstrate your authority and expertise through your online content
  • Offer support and convince people of your ability to genuinely help them…

You’ll find they’re happy to work with you and buy from you – no hard selling required, you’ve already done it (without doing it 😆).


Key Takeaway:

Focus on building yourself as a trusted, authoritative brand. Not merely just selling products.

Do a good enough job of that, and the brand does the selling for you 


Want to know more on this topic? Message me today or join my FB group and learn the strategies that help me and many others like me build an online brand.



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