Starting an Online Business? You need a Well-Oiled Plan!

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Starting an online business? What are the main pain points you’re currently facing? 

Starting out can be tough, daunting, nerve-wracking…the list is long This is something most of us online entrepreneurs go through in the early stages and can really relate to. 

There can be so much overwhelm. I myself recall spending several months feeling “stuck”. It was like I was caught in a fog, trapped somewhere between training and implementation but never really feeling like I was moving forward or gaining any momentum.

Does this sound familiar to you? Is this where you are right now? 

Don’t let it get you down. If you’re going through a period of challenge and frustration, there is some good news

There is a way to overcome overwhelm and find some comfort in all that chaos. 

For me it came down to one thing: putting a well-oiled plan in place and committing to working on it every day, taking action and understanding exactly where I am now and where I want to get to, week-by-week and month-by-month.

So how should you start? 

Take the following steps as your starting point and build on them from there

Your 3 Step Success Plan

  • Set your Goals

Above all else, make sure you have definitive goals in place first. Jumping straight into the work without clearly establishing what you’re trying to achieve is the wrong approach and will result in you going off track, getting frustrated, and procrastinating in the absence of organization, structure and direction. And goal setting from the beginning helps you put these things in place. Even something as simple as writing down one specific short-term and one long-term goal.

Short-term: Build my Facebook following to 1,000 active followers by {DATE}, build my email subscriber list to X by {DATE} and earn my first 5K in commissions by {DATE}.

Long-term: Build my friends list to 3,000 by {DATE} and generate 10K commissions month-on-month consistently by {DATE}.

You get the picture, right? 

Putting specific value and date on your goals is very important. It helps keep you both accountable and focused.

  • Create a Daily Action Plan

I dedicated a full post to this recently as it’s so important (check my feed below and you’ll find it). Knowing what you need to achieve daily is essential. I myself have always relied heavily on to-do lists and still swear by them to this day. Seeing the tasks you need to commit to each day makes such a difference in my opinion. Whether you use google docs, an app (there are many to choose from) or you go old school with a white board, make sure you have the actions you need to take clearly laid out for you and refer to it every day. 

  • Be Clear on your Priorities

It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s most important. And for you in your business, what’s most important is REVENUE GENERATING ACTIVITY. You might have the nicest cover image or video thumbnails on the planet, but spending all your time on that type of activity will quickly get you nowhere. Those things do have their place but they’re what I call “nice-to-haves” and you should only be spending time on them AFTER you’ve completed addressed your priorities. 

Let’s take Facebook marketing as an example as this is a priority area for me. What I prioritize daily are the following: 

Content creation: generating and posting high value content to attract those who want to connect with people like me and may have need for what I can offer to help them solve an issue.

Lead generation: finding my target audience on FB, making meaningful connections and building relationships.

Building my tribe: Posting in my FB group and adding value for my members to support them in their businesses.

Following the above 3 steps should help you make a good start on your online business and instill a habit of organization and discipline from the get-go.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to message me or join my FB group (just click my featured image) and access the free training I’m offering my members.



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