Step Out of Comfort and Become a Leader

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Let me tell you a short story:

I remember the first public presentation I gave to about 70 people years ago on the topic of creating an SEO strategy for your business .

I was approached by the head of a local marketing group who reached out to me online and asked if I’d be open to presenting to small business owners, start-ups and marketers, based on my experience of working in digital marketing for several years.

I didn’t give it much thought at first, figured “that might be fun”, and agreed. But this was quickly followed by a feeling of dread.

Suddenly, I was freaking out!

Sure, I’d carried out presentations before, but only within the companies I worked for, in small rooms, and behind closed doors.

This was different. I’d never stood up in front of a crowd of this size, how would I handle it?

After the mini panic attack had passed, I started to realize that this was actually a key opportunity for me. A chance to do something new, gain new experience, and to grow both professionally and personally, despite how daunting it might have seemed at the time.

When the day came, once I’d delivered my presentation and started to mix with those in the room, I remember feeling a quiet sense of real accomplishment.

So why exactly am I telling you this? 

Stepping out of your comfort zone may be a scary prospect. But the rewards, in fact the potential transformation of your confidence and mindset, your outlook on the future and even taking steps to start doing something you always wanted but didn’t commit due to your own fears and limiting beliefs is huge.

That event I’ve described above, insignificant as it might seem, showed me it was possible to build my authority and start to cultivate a habit of leadership by:

  • Leveraging the skills I’d built up over time
  • Sharing my knowledge and offering value, and…
  • Supporting others on their way to becoming successful entrepreneurs

It also enabled me to take action, step into the unknown and most definitely opened my eyes to the potential I had.

I didn’t realize it at the time but on some level, that event nurtured the seed that was already planted in my mind to become a digital entrepreneur and follow my goal of working for myself online.

We’ve all heard that lovely saying “face your fear and do it anyway”. In business, that’s what building authority and setting yourself up for leadership is all about. 

If you find yourself wanting to make a change, have a fire in your belly for a new business of your own, and want to partner with someone who can show you how to get started, reach out to me today or join my free Facebook group (link below) and learn more about what building an online business is all about.



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