What are the Key Attributes of Great Content?

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One of the biggest struggles many marketers face online is the ability to create good quality content consistently. 

In my years working as a digital marketer, the landscape has changed a lot but the one thing that’s remained constant is the demand for content. 

It’s every marketers gold. With great content, you can light a fire in the hearts and minds of your target audience and they’ll grow to love you for it. 

So what are the things you need to be aware of? 

Every piece of content you create should:  

Be Authentic

This will always be top of the list for me. Even if you’ve created content on the same topic a number of times before, you should bring new insights, perspective or sentiment to it EVERY TIME. 

Avoid taking the easy way out, copy-pasting, and passing it off as something new. Wherever possible, bring something fresh and unique to build your credibility and authority as a true marketer. 


Having the ability to inspire others develops a leader and that’s exactly how you want to position yourself. An authority figure who can coach others to achieve their goals, reach new heights of success and be passionate about what they do. 

Breed Curiosity

Remember, your ultimate goal is to market your product. If you’re focus is to build your personal brand as I do, create curiosity through the content you share. Those who engage with your content should want to know more about you as a person, what you do and how they could benefit from your expertise.


To take some type of action that adds value, meaning or purpose in some way to the people you’re reaching with it. Remember to leave your ego at the door. Your focus should be on helping them, not helping yourself.

Devote time to creating great content is how you build your authority and earn the respect and trust of the people you’ve been trying to reach. For that reason, it should always be in your list of top priorities. 



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