Mythbuster: The Path of a Digital Entrepreneur is Easy

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Being a digital entrepreneur is fulfilling but its most definitely very challenging. Don’t be fooled! 

These days there are still many false, misguided perceptions of what’s involved and what isn’t, and what it takes to truly make an online business successful.

Statements I’ve heard more than once in the past:  

“It’s easy to make money online, it’s just not for me”

“It doesn’t require much effort at all – anyone can do it”

And the Classic…“Most online business involves some form of scam!”

When I hear these things I usually respond in the same way:

If you’ve never tried it personally, then you can’t ever make a truly informed decision on what it is or isn’t. Despite what you may have heard, read or conjured up in your own mind based on vague anecdotes and hearsay, running an online business requires YOUR FULL COMMITMENT. 

Like any opportunity in life worth pursuing, you have to work you ass off when you can, as much as you can, as often as you can in order to make it work .


And as for it being all a big “SCAM”? 

Sure it is…everything is a scam to those who: 

  • Have never been in business
  • Have zero experience of working online
  • Take comfort in sticking with the status quo (what they deem to be “safe and secure”).

Fear of the unknown…it’s a terrible thing if you let it be, but for those willing to face it head on, and work their way through it to see what’s on the other side, the potential rewards could be life changing. 


NOW…with that said, want to know more about building an online business and to see if you have what it takes? 

Want to know about opportunities exist for you?

If you decide you want to make a positive change and start building a business that could set you on a course to doing something far more fulfilling than what they currently do, reach out to me today to set up a free call and I’ll explain how I can help you start building a business of your own and start living the life you deserve.  



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