The Fundamentals of Digital Lead Generation

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Despite the shift of countless businesses from traditional channels to online, the process of generating leads has never really changed. The only real difference is that now, despite competition (which is always growing), it’s considerably easier. 

We’re all at a major advantage in that we have technology on our side. It enables us to communicate to a highly targeted audience in an instant, and begin building a relationship with them before we’ve ever even met them in person or had a real conversation (how cool is that?) 

When I started working online, I had this opinion that I’d have to build a massive following on social media before I’d start getting the right quality leads, but the reality is much different. 

Growing your online following to get leads is important yes, but working to get the right leads – people with a genuine need for your product – is far more essential. 

Better to have 100 legitimate, high quality leads than 1,000 leads that have no desire, need nor intention of every buying anything, right?

Taking the right approach to finding the right leads consistently is essential. 

So what should you do? And once you have your leads, what next? 


Let me break it down for you into 4 key parts: 

Getting the Right Offer

Having the right offer is crucial. You can do a great job at building a pipeline of leads, but without a product that people want, that satisfies a genuine need or solves a problem, you’re hard work won’t count for much.

Being Highly Targeted

Doing this well is critical. The lead gen process will be far more valuable if you’re highly targeted in finding people who have the potential to become customers.  


Identifying the leads in your pipeline who meet your customer criteria:

  • They have a genuine need for what you can offer
  • They’ve expressed an interest in the product
  • They have the means to buy


Getting to know them and them to know you, building trust, and creating curiosity and ultimately, interest in what you do and how you can help them. Online, this means engaging with them through your content, social, chat, email (most important – build your emails list) and other means to the point where they are ready to commit. 


Building your sales funnel with high quality leads won’t guarantee you success (as there are many moving parts to a business) but it’s likely to get you results more quickly.



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